AC200Max minimum solar voltage

Could someone confirm if I can charge the AC200Max from 1 panel (note I am not concerned about the charge time needed). The manual states 10v min on the solar input to charge. A “nominal” 12v panel. (36 cell) will have an Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) of about 22v, a 24v panel of about 44v, and a 60 cell panel will be about 38v. I asked this question of Bluetti tech support and they said it would charge as low as 10v but it would be slow. The battery is 48v, I don’t see how you can push a charge from a lower voltage input. Anyone got a single PV350 or similar that they can charge with? How does it perform with an input voltage lower than battery? Thx in advance

Yes a single panel will work but as you noted slowly. There is a voltage step up converter built in that raises the input voltage to a higher level needed for battery charging. This works similarly to the DO50S charging enhancer accessory.


Thank you Scott, really appreciate the info!

but only one panel model PV200 ,200 W panel did it work

I have not purchased any solar panels so I cannot comment on a single series panel charging. I am told it works but do not know for sure

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thank you for your answer, i got mine my AC200max with only 1 200 watt panel I am very contains that it will load slow but for now it’s my business