AC200MAX max charging from wall


what is the max for charging AC200MAX from wall?

I know I can use two T500 having 1000W together. But AC200MAX has max 1400W.
So can I somhow use 2xT500 + 1xT400 and have full 1400W charging from wall?


this is listed on bluetti site

1. 500W Adapter: 4.6~5.1hrs
2. Dual Adapters(1000W in total): 2.5~3.0hrs
3. Solar Panel(900W): 2.8~3.3hrs; Open circuit voltage:10-145V
4. Adapter+Solar Panel(1400W): 2~2.5hrs
5. 12V/24V Car Cigarette Lighter
6. 12V/24V Lead-acid Battery
7. Generator

Tnx. This is standard and max is 1000W from wall.
I just wanted to know if there are some tricks to have full 1400W from wall.

No, because the AC200max has only 2 charging inputs

Tnx. Yes - you right. This is limitation we can not change. What if we get some stronger chargers or join few chargers into one to have more power BEFORE we connect that to two available input slots in AC200max