AC200MAX loud beeping

Over the last few days one of my AC200MAX units has made a loud beeping noise on a few occasions. On each occasion there are several loud beeps and then nothing. I looked at the alarm section of the display on the unit and nothing.

Does anyone know what this loud beeping is as I am assuming it is an alarm for something??

Hi @Kingkong

When my EP500Pro has a alarm its sound like when the meal in my microwave is ready to served xD

Does is sounds like that too?



Hi Erik,

Yes it does sound like the microwave sound, a few beeps and then it ends. Very strange. Do you know why it does this? Thanks for the response

When this sound appears, it should be also in “Error Log”.

How did you connect your unit? Via AC or Solar while this happends? Does it happen when you dont plug anything?

Maybe you can give some more details


There wasn’t any error log showing up unfortunately. And I only have my units connected to solar, all the time. I did think that maybe the beeping is when they hit 100% charge, but that can’t be the case as they are often hitting 100% with all the sun we get. A mystery.

I had alarms on the first day I used the power station. Outdoor temperature was 37°C, indoor at the power station 30°C, AC Load 2000W AC 230V.
It took a few seconds for the fan to get the temperature down. The high temperature alarm came but was quickly gone because the error was corrected. Turned my Air Conditioner on and the alarm did not come back.
The tower fan I placed in front of the Power Station also improved.
I think you can only see the alarms in the history that remain longer or are still present.

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I am happy with the position of the EP500 Pro,
just next to the air conditioner.
It was hot outside today.

Wow that looks hot - looks like you may be near me in the South. I’m in 34 and it’s baking. I have two ac200’s and they also kick out heat inside which makes the house rather hot…….ter!

Yes, I’m in the South, 83580 Gassin.

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