AC200MAX loose Setting AC O after restarts (0%) and B300 OFF

AC200MAX loose AC ON Setting after restarts with Solar Power when it was Empty. 0%
Second Thing when AC200MAX was empty 0% and restarts with Solar Power the B300 still OFF.
Always you have to switch ON B300 and Set AC ON!

AC200max does not have the function of automatic battery pack activation.
After the AC200Max is powered off without power, the PV will activate the machine after charging. When the machine is turned on, you need to turn on the B300 manually in order to re-communicate on.

I understand, but Why i have to switch The B300 ON and Set the AC ON on the Powerstation manualy? It sucks.
Everthings works Fine but i have to Switch this manualy. Last Time i run out of power because the B300 sleeps! No AC till i Switched it ON!

Everthing you Can Save in The Menu ,But AC ON and reactivate Battery Pack After Solar Power Starts?

The machine will turn off the AC when it runs out of power.
And after re-charging, it is necessary to turn on the AC again when carrying a load