AC200Max LCD Display Crash Issue in 44 Degrees

When the power station is outside for 30-45 minutes in 44 degrees fahrenheit (well within the operating temperature specs) the LCD screen will crash when any button press is performed. When it’s in this non-working state, it will also not give any audible beep feedback. When in this state, it DOES continue to output as well as charge. The bluetooth app also functions just fine, I was able to turn on/off DC and AC power from the app. The display is the problem.

If it’s brought back indoors and warms up for 10 mins or so, the screen no longer crashes when buttons are pressed. To me this seems like it may be software related.

  1. It’s rated to function down to 32 degrees, 44/45 is well above that
  2. An alarm should be written (nothing gets written)
  3. The screen should not infinitely boot when any button is pressed

Here’s a video of the issue I recorded:

I’ve got a ticket open, but I want to know who else is experiencing this too. They created an updated firmware version (which I did download) but it didn’t help at all. The last thing I want to do is go through the hassle of shipping this back only for the new one to do the same thing.

@sangwinacher May I have the SN and the ARM firmware verison of your AC200MAX?

@BLUETTI_CARE Info below. It’s all also already in my support ticket (97966).

SN: 2338000776004
ARM: 4030.17

Also, this is brand new. I tested it again the other day and it was 38 in the garage and after being in there, the screen started doing the same thing. I don’t know what the temperature cutoff is which is causing it but it’s somewhere above 45 degrees at least, which prevents this from being outside at all during cooler camping days, which totally defeats the purpose.