AC200max issues

Hello. Yesterday I’ve got my new AC200max and from the very beginning I’m having 2 issues:

  1. AC power consumption on the display is absent: I’m plugging devices with up to 200W consumption, while AC output is 0W as shown on both display and mobile app.
  2. Very fast battery drain: battery discharges by 30% per hour for the device with standard power consumption of 100W.

Firmware is the latest one as per Android app info. I’d appreciate if you could help me.

Power consumption can be checked by using the power meters that plug directly into the plug socket. We did this to get an idea of real power consumption for various devices. This roughly matched what we saw on the Ac200max. You do have to allow for power conversion on the inverter which means you get about 80% of total power storage.

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You should also calibrate the BMS by complete battery discharge followed by non stop charging to 100%. You can find more direction on how to do that on this forum or on you -tube.

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