AC200Max - is there a way to connect the AC-side in parallel to double the AC output (temporarily)

Can this be done, as with the Honda Inverter Generators? If so: How?

If not (yet): Is this something a firmware might be able to accomplish in the (near) future?

Just to be clear: Doubling the Output on the AC side means same Voltage, same Phase, but twice the Amps/Watts.

No, that can’t be done with the AC200Max. If you need more than 2200W of AC output you would need to consider the AC300 or AC500. Or, get a second AC200Max and split loads across both.

Since you can add external batteries to get longer runtime I’m assuming you’re looking for a way to exceed the 2KW load limit of the AC200Max by parallelling two units together to increase the size of the load they can handle. No, you can’t. AC power is, as the name implies, alternating current. If you try parallelling 2 AC200Max together the sine waves are not going to match. One would be negative while the other is positive and… well, it just isn’t going to work.

No software upgrade can deal with this. It would require communications equipment to be added to the inverters to permit them to synchronize their output.

Yes, I understand.

Now I wonder if an Inverter-Generator with parallel-capability (like Honda Eu2200i) could be connected on the AC-side if (temporarily) 2000 Plus Watts are required. I understand that the AC200MAX won’t synchronize with another AC device. But most inverter Generators will have this capability.

Theoretically - if the AC200MAX is activated first (producing the sine wave), and the parallel-capable inverter generator is started afterwards, the Generator should synchronize with the AC200MAX. The generators in general don’t use any smart ways of communicating. They just have the AC connection, and must sense if AC is already present prior activating their own inverter. If present, they will synchronize.

This all is just theory however, and at the current time I am not willing to risk an inverter Generator and a Bluetti box to confirm or destroy my theory. But maybe my thoughts will start a discussion with people who know more about this than I do… We’ll see.