Ac200Max incorrect power consumption display

HI Team
I can see the minimum amount of watts on display and application is 75W even when only 3 of 8W LED bulbs are connected. Is there a chance that can be fixed to display correct data ?

@dzmitryj with the AC200Max, low wattage (>50w items), specially DC draws, sometimes wont even show up on the output. This is because the unit is mainly intended for high draw outputs. BUT if you havent already, you could reset/re-calibrate your internal BMS by charging the unit to 100%, unplug input, then put a steady draw on the unit until it hits 0% and turns off the output. Then recharge to 100% again with no outputs “on” or appliances plugged in. I tend to do this complete “cycle” every couple months or so to keep the unit working as intended.

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