AC200MAX improvements

I’ve owned recently AC200MAX and have several suggestions:

  • I noticed that there is no pairing procedure during connecting smartphone to the AC200MAX. Also, I see my AC200MAX is discoverable via Bluetooth from the other devices such as laptops etc. Is there any risk that somebody (e.g. my neighbor) will connect to the AC200MAX and will turn on/off AC/DC outputs? I expect to have pairing procedure as most devices, which connect each other via Bluetooth, have.
  • When I click on AC/DC ON/OFF buttons on the touch screen, the popup window is shown. It has ON and OFF buttons. Sometimes, pressing that buttons leads to activating ‘AC/DC ON/OFF’ buttons located UNDER the popup window. Maybe, a delay for ‘1 second’ should be added between pressing and disappearing of the popup window to get rid of the behavior.
  • Touch screen does not show the load connected to AC output outlets if consumed power less than, I observe, 60-70W. It would be great to be able to monitor everything on AC output, like it is for DC one.
  • I have already posted the problem related to T500 power adapter in the separate thread, but still think that it is very popular problem users have around the world. T500 is very noisy and does not turn off its fans when battery is fully charged. Please consider applying a bigger radiator inside it to get rid of the fans completely, or add small changes to the electric schema to turn off the fans, like LED changes its color from RED (during charging) to GREEN (when 100% reached).

I can’t agree more with your observations. Ive only owned my unit for about 24 hours and trying it out making sure all systems are functional.
On the AC200max unit I have, turning on and off the A/C power output does bring up a new window with two separate buttons for ON or OFF that window will stay on screen until I select one even when the display times out when I resume the screen the ON,OFF dialogue window is still waiting for me to select. Once I have selected either ON or OFF the window disappears.

On my unit with A/C selected on the watts reported being output to the component im using seems to only display consumption over 25- 40watts anything less just displays the little flow lines with no numeric display if less than 25watts.

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@druchaty I have received your suggestion and recorded it in the form. It will be submitted to the product development department uniformly.
Thanks again for your sincere suggestion!