AC200Max how do you log your power in and out?

Since the Bluetti App does not keep track of Power consumption and PV generation, I was wondering how you keep track of the ins and outs?

Any advice on how to track this with a AC200 Max is appreciated.

I use a wifi smart plug (tuya, smartlife…) to measure the energy delivered by the AC200MAX on the AC output, and another smart plug wifi on the grid to connect my T500 charger, to measure the energy of the grid used to recharge my AC200MAX. I did not install a meter on the solar entry, I deduce the solar energy which enters the Bluetti by subtracting what comes out (AC Output) and what enters (via the T500 on the grid). If you do not recharge your AC200MAX on the grid, a wifi Smart Plug on the AC200MAX AC output is enough (you can also correct the result with conversion efficiency, etc.).

You can also use this instead of smart plugs : : emporia+view+gen+3
I installed it at home and it also works very well, but it requires a little more DIY in the electrical panel