AC200max has 026 and 034 error codes (low voltage and BMS communication errors)

Brand new out of the box AC200max has 026 and 034 error codes (low voltage and BMS communication errors) immediately after being powered on. The AC adapter and the PV350 neither option charge the AC200max. AC adapter charging indicator LED never changes to red. AC200max recognizes the AC and PV charing options with regards to voltage but it never recognizes the watts input. Any help would be appreciated since Bluetti support has yet to reach out. Thanks in advance.


Hi @42Pros , Sorry for inconveniece caused.
Can you first check if the BMS communication cable is plugged in place and not loose?
If the communication cable is plugged in properly, please clear the alarm, remove the load and reboot to see if the error continues to be reported?

I must be missing something because I thought that the AC200max doesn’t have or need a BMS coms cable BECAUSE ITS AN INTERNAL BATTERY. Any rate, Customer Service has reached out and they are replacing the AC200max.

Received, thanks for the updates.

How do you tell the communication cable is loose or disconnected without opening the unit top and voiding the warranty

Hi @Larry , After reconfirming with technical engineering, the steps I mentioned above were for the maintenance staff to troubleshoot, so sorry about that.
Does your machine also have the 034 error? Have you rebooted? Is it reported 034 after upgrading the firmware?

After doing more research on the internet and the Bluetti Forum I was able to get the upgrade installed. The steps I took was to verify that the Bluetti app was the latest version (I had the latest)
I cleared the cache on the app, logged into the app, got into the firmware screen and pushed Start. A new screen below showed the upgrade loading to the app on my phone to 100% then dissapeared. The firmware screen showed a download button which I tried and on the second try it loaded the upgrade firmware.
I currently have no alarms (error messages). I hope this helps others because I was getting very frustrated with the support.

Android or iphone?

I read that 1.3.5 is pushed to iphone and waiting for apple to approve; that was weeks ago

My phone is an android (Samsung) but your right about the Apple version not being out.

Been days since i wrote a formal tech support email. No word back. Either bluetti suppressed negative feedback or no one uses iOS lol

I would put the blame on Apple for delaying their latest version. Maybe you can borrow a friend’s android’s phone and load the Bluetti app and get you going for this problem.

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