AC200Max Grid tied inverter at Batterie expansion Port?

As I understood the max dc power available at the AC200Max is 12V/30A = 360W.
Could a grid tied inverter be connected to the 53V AC200max Batterie expansion port to get more power out? What is the max current allowed to be drawn ?
Thanks for your help - Franz

Hi @Franz , based on your question, we have consulted the relevant engineers for you.
They replied: You can not do so, the battery extension port can only be connected to the battery pack can not be connected to the inverter

No, you cannot. The Bluetti battery expansion port has local intelligence that communicates between the power station and the B series of batteries. The port has two large DC contacts rated at 90 A for power transfer, and eight smaller contacts for the intercommunications between the power station and the battery. Through this communications your power station can charge, monitor, and control each battery. This is also why you cannot attach any other battery, either a basic string of cells in series or a battery from a different manufacturer to the power station, or an inverter to the battery.

Thank you for the info. I checked the connector and found some additional wires in addition to the large DC ones which are obviously used for control and communication with the B230/B300 battery expansion. On the other hand there is a two wire P090D to XT4 cable available from Bluetti for battery expansion which should allow DC connection without control and monitoring as well.