ac200max firmware upgrade - 64% instead of 100% after


I upgraded the firmware on ac200max when it was charged to 100% and not connected to DC, but after an upgrade, I see it has 64% of capacity.
Do I need to do anything to fix it?
iOS app: 2.1.3
BMS: 1017.02 => 1017.03
ARM: 4008.05
DSP: 4005.07

After the upgrade mine dropped to 79%. I assumed the upgrade made it more accurate, so just charged it to 100% and used as normal. BLUETTI would be able to confirm this is correct.

yesterday I tried to discharge from 64% to minimum, but when I reached 19% it was stuck on that number for 1 or 1.5 hours. probably in my case after the upgrade, something worked not correctly

Hi @Oleks

I see that you upgrade the BMS Version. In this case this might fix a issue where the percentage of the battery wasnt show correctly.

100% charge was in reality only 64%. If you now charge it fully it should everthing be fine

Hope this helped



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@Oleks After the firmware upgrade, you need to do a complete charge and discharge as well.