AC200MAX Firmware Updat

Just out of curiosity, I have been using my AC200MAX since March. Has there been a firmware update since then?
I have checked the Bluetti App from time to time, but there have been no updates.

I also asked support about firmware updates, but never got an answer.


It would be useful to list the latest firmware versions on the website so people can be sure.


Hi - I just recived my B200 Max ( with 1 B230 battery) about 2 weeks ago. The verisons on mine are:
DSP - 4005.07
ARM - 4030.15
BMS - 1017.02
HMI - 6023.11
BMS1 - 1011.09
BMS2 - 0000

Hope this helps

Thankyou Woody715

The Versions of my Box (March 22)
These versions are older.

BMS 1010.07
ARM 4008.0
HMI 6037.02

The rest is the same.

No update is offered via the app, although my firmware versions are partially older.
Maybe not necessary ?.

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No problem! When I got the unit, one of the first things i did was check on the app to see if any firmware updates was available ( you never know how long your unit was sitting on a warehouse shelf…) , but there wasnt any. Not sure how it works as far as updates, maybe you have to be so many versions behind before any are available for download??? Maybe someone with more knowledge on this will chime in.

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Still haven’t received a response from support about the firmware update.
Maybe the updat possibility with the app is only marketing.

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Hi, i would not be eager to update, because today i got my first update. I went from ARM version 4008.01 to 4008.06. Until then it all worked well, with a few minor flaws. But now for starters my bluetooth connection died. I can turn it off on the box and on, it shows it’s there, but connection efforts on the new and the old app are timed out. The box says for a moment “connected” but disconnects right away after that. Sometimes even when i try to turn off the bluetooth, it turns itself on again.
Very, very disappointed!!!

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Willkommen im Club…

Yes, i did not look into that yet. Also with the B300 it did not charge equally… So i wonder what more surprises this “update” holds. Probably there is no factory reset for this?