AC200max Firmware Release Notes

Hi there,
I’ve got an issue with my unit and the support team told me to do a firmware update, which I did. Are there release notes for the firmware updates so I can check if the issue is mentioned?
It’s not easy to check if my issue is resolved because it occurs only every few days (charge state drops from 100 to 30 over night).

@Hagenruck welcome to the forum! Are you leaving any outputs turned on over night? There are parasitic draws (referred to as the idle discharge" with the AC200Max that will use the battery even if you dont have any items running off of it. Now a 70% drop is substantial tho, specially if you have all the outputs turned off. I would first try cycling the unit a couple times to re-calibrate the internal bms. This is absolutely recommended doing after a firmware update as well. But keep in mind, these SOC indicators can be finicky and I have found to be more of an estimate then anything. Cycling the unit a few times 100%-0%-100% a few times will help dial in these figures tho.

Just for reference, this is a data sheet one of our fellow enthusiasts Jeff Hagen put together of the efficiency numbers of the AC200Max at different loads. Note… that this unit is best suited for high draw appliances.

And as far as the release notes, to my knowledge these arent available publicly when an update it released. This is something that @BLUETTI has said they are working on for the future tho.

@Hagenruck We are very sorry that we are unable to provide release notes.
Does your machine still have the problem after the firmware update?