AC200Max fan is running “all the time”!

Hi, the fan is almost always running on my AC200max even with no load with normal ambient temperature of about 20-23 Celsius. (This is a replacement unit… My original unit broke down after a few months and I got this unit as a replacement. The fan on the original unit would only kick in with higher loads, which is normal, but once I have received this replacement unit, I have noticed straight away that the fan is much more frequently On… Have anyone experienced such and was it solved? Any ideas fixing this?

Did you factory reset the unit and make all updates that are available in the bluetti App?

Hi. All up to date! Unfortunately there is no new updates are available as of now.

@bluetti_adrianmahovicsmecom The fan is intelligently regulated, generally affected by the load power, the temperature of the inverter, and the temperature of the external environment. These reasons need to be considered.