AC200Max fan comes on every 10 minutes

I have a new AC200MAX the fan is coming on about every 10 minutes. I only have a fridge plugged in. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @Paula

How much watts does your fridge draw? Since fridges dont cool the whole time and just when its getting to hot inside, the fan might spin up as soon the fridge compressor start running again to cooldown.



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It does the same for everyone I think. Mine will come on every 10 minutes or so even on a light load like 80 watts from a television. That is in a normal temperature room with good air flow around the unit. So it’s how it works and it means it’s difficult to sit in the same room as the AC200MAX during any AC usage. My solution is to keep it in a different room. :laughing:

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Oh okay… i dont have such a unit so i cant say for sure.

@Sideeffect @Paula Do you ever upgrade the firmware on theese units? Maybe worth a try.

For what i can see on this forum on older threads, the fan does turn on when different things like a specific load, or the temperature of the inside the Powerstation reaches a certain value.



I am using the latest firmware. I hope they will add some of the fixes that they added for the ac180 fan profile to the AC200MAX to reduce the spin up because I think it’s a little bit aggressive with the fan spin up on light loads to be honest.

The problem is that the frequency (time) of the fan spin up is a bit jarring because it goes from completely silent to a bit too noisy and so if you are in a quiet room and watching TV it can be very distracting with the volume change every 10 minutes. It would be far better if the fan speed was slower and on all the time or the interval was longer.

It’s a bit annoying because I feel with a slightly higher quality fan and an improved fan profile it could be so much better. I hope Bluetti can work on that in future products.

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Im gonna tag @BLUETTI . Maybe you can give this suggestion to the relevant department?


The real solution would be a larger better quality fan that runs a lot quieter but the Ac200max is not built to be silent.

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Thank you, a pity I didn’t know this before I bought .
After a few sleepless nights and turning off the fridge the fan does indeed come on regularly with no load. Unfortunately moving to another room is not an option as I live in a 24m cabin!

Thank you for your reply, it seems that the fan comes on without any load. I’m ok with this during the day but at night it’s keeping me awake! :)

I heard the AC300 is much quieter if it’s not too late to swap. I don’t think you can really do much about it. I did try mounting quieter fans over the exhaust points for constant quieter air flow but it didn’t stop the unit from spinning up its own fans regularly.

@Paula If there is no load and the temperature isn’t high, the fan should not be turned on. Did you charge the unit at that time?

Hi, the unit was connected to PV but not charging as it was overnight. Testing today with 100% charge , connected to PV and with nothing plugged in, the fan is turning on every 12-15 minutes and is running for 2 minutes. The fan does not run when the AC is turned off. The ambient temperature is 22c.

@Paula If you turn on the AC, the inverter is working, so the internal temperature will rise. I think it is normal.

It would be better if the fan gradually ramped up/down its speed appropriately as required rather than suddenly switching on/off at a higher speed.

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Turn up the sound of your TV.
I’m joking

Same for me with my 200MAX

I have 2 AC200max, and I confirm that if AC is on, the fans will come on regularly to cool your AC200max, because the inverter is working and giving off heat (and making you lose energy) even if you are not drawing power from your AC outlet. The stats below given by Bluetti explain all this.