AC200MAX failed BMS firmware update error 034

have the same issue… received ac2000max and was prompted to firmware update … now it’s a brick ( BSD communication error with version 0.0 and no availability to manually put an update).
support is not there, no replay no help… looks to me like a doom company with dummy items that is not working from beginning. just collect money. and no working or reliable solution.
SERIOUSLY, DO NOT BUY OR EVEN LOOK AT THIS BREND , you will lost like me at least 2K$ for this brick that does not work and do not haVE ANY FACKING SUPPORT…
look for EcoFlow instead…their solutions are at least working from the box and reliable so far, not this “failed” brand.

yup got mine a month ago; works perfect until the firmware crap wonder if theres a hard reboot or reset function

hope this is the case, been two weeks with this unit bricked.

I had it too. Fortunately i had bought my max at a local retailer instead of directly from Bluetti. After 2 weeks my box was exchanged at my adress and i am never doing another update as long as it works… Good luck all.

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The Apple App Store now has the updated Bluetti App version 1.3.5. Unfortunately, the iOS update did not solve the firmware upgrade issue, as I am still having 034 BMS Communication Error after updating my Bluetti App to version 1.3.5, clearing the Bluetti App cache, and attempting BMS firmware upgrade. The Bluetti App will show the BMS Upgrade progress bar momentarily flash to 100% as it downloads 514.88Kb of data and then hang indefinitely at 0% with the AC200MAX unit beeping approximately 45 seconds into the firmware update process. After attempting this several times without success, I am concluding that upgrading the Bluetti App to version 1.3.5 does not solve the 034 BMS firmware update problem, at least for my iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.1.2, which is the most updated iOS version presently. Please let me know if there are any firmware upgrade success stories from iPhone users out there.

I asked a friend who had a spare Android phone to help fix my “bricked” AC200Max unit after failed firmware upgrade. We downloaded and opened the Bluetti app (Android version 1.3.7), signed into my Bluetti account, found the “bricked” AC200Max unit via Bluetooth, and attempted BMS firmware upgrade under settings from version 0 to 1017.03. It took several failed attempts (with us doing combination of clearing the app’s cache and resetting the unit, which may or may not have been necessary) before the upgrade progress bar started to show eventual progress to 100%. For debugging purposes, it would have been nice to have some kind of log file to check why there were ongoing failures during firmware upgrade attempts. To my best knowledge, the iOS version 1.3.5 of the Bluetti app did not fix the firmware upgrade issue. Even the Android version 1.3.7 of the Bluetti app is not all that reliable, which makes me hesitant on future firmware upgrades.

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