AC200Max EU - harsh smell

Hey guys,

I got my AC200Max EU version since more that 4 month and never had an issue function-wise.
I’m running it with the build in AC-converter, charging it with 2 fixed solar panels.
Never overloaded either the solar input nor the AC output.

Well, there was always a certain electronic-ish smell to it when the fan turned on.
But nothing compared to the smell I get from it now, which is harsh and unnatural.
Not like there was something burned, but as something had to bed in when new.
Smells very circuit-board-like. But why now?

So far it hasn’t stopped smelling.
I wonder if somebody else discovered such a bad smell on his device.

Best regards, Bernd.

Hi @BerndOffGrid ,sorry for inconvenience.
Is there any smoke coming from your fan?
And what equipment is the generator carrying when it emits an unpleasant smell? How long is the load duration? We need you to confirm each of the above issues before you can give feedback to support. Thank you very much for your confirmation.

Hi there!

Thanks for asking. The smell hasn’t been so bad in the last 3 days, it seems getting better.
I was powering the whole house, at a continuous rate of 75 to 350 watts via the AC-inverter over night (up to 12h), protected by a B6-fuse. In the daytime, I was powering the house by grid power and reloading the AC200 by solar power, at about 500W max. So no overloading at any time I’d say.

There was never smoke coming out of the device. Fan is working. Everthing works fine performance-wise. The device is placed in the basement, try and cool.
I’ll keep watching it.

Best regards, Bernd.

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