AC200max + EP500pro

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and still, I could use a "lightenment. "

I have been supplying my entire house with an EP500pro for almost six months now, except for the electric stove, which I have firmly excluded, via an automatic switch combination in my meter cabinet. I am super satisfied and everything is working perfectly, I do not need to worry about anything, there can be no power outages and there have never been.

But now my request:

The EP500pro is unfortunately not expandable, unless you put a second monster next to it and connect it via a specially designed special connection box. Since the EP500pro is normally already fully charged around 10:00 and then the solar power really starts I would like to expand the capacity. Now the EP500pro can charge simultaneously via PV and AC and also deliver power at the same time. So my idea -->bought an AC200max, which in turn is modular expandable up to approx. 11kW, depending on the type of battery you connect (apart from whether that really brings points, if you only want to charge it over the maximum 900 Watt PV). The AC200max should load the EP500pro via the AC output as a capacity expansion. Now you can freely adjust the AC charging current on the EP500pro in limits 1 -11 A. Thus it should be possible, for example, to set the maximum charging input current at the EP500pro to 1A and thus limit the output power of the AC200max to 230W. (Please keep in mind that the EP500pro is explicitly described to be able to charge it with a generator -i. e. IT network - via the AC input). At this low current, however, I notice that the output power is displayed on the AC200max with approx. 450Watt almost twice as high as it should be and on the EOP500pro at the same moment with approx. 110Watt almost half as high as it should be (the low value is also confirmed by an intermediate plug meter). After some time under these conditions the AC200max then logs off with the error 019 - Overvoltage BUS. Understandable if one considers the indicated output power at the AC200max and assumes that the set 1A at the EP500pro are adhered to, because this only allows the conclusion that the AC200max then almost doubles the voltage. BUT WHY?

If I take the limiting current at the EP500pro from 5A, then the output power shown on the AC200max is only slightly above the input power on the EP500pro (please note that the output power display ALWAYS refers to the apparent power but the AC input power display always refers to the actual power).

So if I set for example 5A at the EP500pro and the apparent power of the AC200max only slightly above the indicated input power of the EP500pro, the AC200max no longer comes out with overvoltage errors.

Hence the following questions to the community:

  1. Why does the AC200max raise the voltage when its output/output current is limited?

  2. (here a noticeable feature of the EP500pro) Why does the charging via AC not stop when the set state of charge is reached? you can set the EP500pro via the user-defined UPS setting 1. at which lowest battery state (in %) the EP500pro turns off the current at the AC outputs (definitely does not work) and at which battery state (in %) the EP500pro turns off the charging via AC (in my case at 90%). That’s not what it does, I could only notice that it reduces the charging power and then at 93% just slips into the power values where the output power on the AC200max again becomes twice as big as the input power on the EP500pro. . . and then again goes off with overvoltage.

Does anyone know advice, PLEASE PLEASE :)



@MichaEP500pro When the EP500Pro is set with a small current input, the power received from AC200Max is not continuous. It may be intermittent, which will cause voltage oscillation, and the energy will flow back to AC200Max to cause BUS overvoltage. In addition, EP500Pro cannot be set under which conditions to disconnect the output. Our machines follow the principle of load priority. Also, may I know the DSP version of your EP500Pro?

Hi, and thank you for the quick response.
The DSP version of my EP500pro and also the firmware status of my AC200max can you see in the attachement. Also the part of the EP500pro manual where the auto AC output cut off is descripted.

best regards

@MichaEP500pro The DSP version is the latest one. And yes, I’m sorry that the discription of SOC low is wrong. We have given feedback to the relative department and I hope it can be correctted ASAP.

hmmm…but precisely this function would be perfect. :( …and SOC high to turn on the output…should be posible to program? Would be really helpfull and a huge advantage of the EP500pro.

@MichaEP500pro Currently, the setting of SOC high can’t turn on the output. It is only of the input. I will feedback your opinion.