AC200MAX environmental conditions and requirements

I some concerns about leaving the AC200MAX in a semi-exposed environment over long periods of time or even in semi-permanent use. I’ve read through the manual and tried to search through this forum, but am still looking for some specific answers.


  • 10’x16’ shed. soon to be insulated. Has 12”x12” vents in the gables on opposing ends of the structure.
  • Located in north Georgia where conditions can stay a little below freezing for short periods of time, rarely more than a week. Rarely ever down to 0F. Vents can be closed in the winter.
  • Summers can be hot, air temps up to 95F occasionally a little higher. But nights tend to cool off into the 70s, sometimes even the 60s. The shed gets full direct sunlight from late-morning through mid-afternoon.
  • It can be humid.
  • Will be connected to PVs

On the rare occasion that it gets much above normal highs and below normal lows, I plan to bringing the unit back home. Still considering how much in PV capacity I need based on how I can deploy this unit.


Q1: The manual states, 32F-104F charging temperature. If the PVs are left plugged in when the battery temp is outside of that range, what is the expected behavior? Does the unit simply not charge and protect itself?

Q2: What is the behavior for discharging if the temp is outside of the -4F-104F range? Does the unit just completely shutoff and will require a manual start? If it remains connected to PVs, will the unit just turn back on once the temp returns to normal operating range?

This is not in any type of extreme environment, but could occasionally get outside of the spec’ed temperature ranges. I just wanted to be sure not to abuse the lifepo4 battery. Any help or insight would be very helpful.

Hi, I live in NJ and this winter I had the unit in my non-heated garage. At about 32F the unit indeed stopped charging. It also gives you an alarm on the screen stating low temp protection. I never ran in to a discharge issue as that is allowed to a much lower temperature but imagine a similar behavior.

P.S. I also had B230 batteries connected during those cold days and they too indicated the same alarm on the display of the AC200Max and did not allow charging.

I’m Camphosting in so cal San Bernadino mountains and have my Bluetti AC 200 outside my trailer under a canopy to keep out of the rain and to plug my trailer 30 amp connector directly
Got to 20 degrees recently and I ran it all night and charged it in the morning with my gas generator for 1-2 hours
No problems yet!
Biggest problem is the forest blocks most of the sun so I don’t get good charging from panels
Buying longer cables now!!

When you run your AC200 outside the specs, it may work today but when it fails, do not blame Bluetti for your problem when the battery fails.

Off grid does not conform to global warming or cooling issues
It would be better to put the generator inside the trailer but my gas generator is always outside without any issues
Maybe we should go backwards and use fossil fuels since solar has too many rules that make them useless

Remember that fuel powered generators have been around for over a century, and they also have environmental issues. I bet in very low temperatures you cannot start the engine, since the oil can still freeze up and the starter battery can fail, too.

Battery technology still has issues, too. LFP cells cannot work in freezing temperatures so Bluetti will offer new power stations with sodium based cells for low temperature operation, but cost and capacity is its issue. Nothing is perfect.

But you have an option for a permanent solution: move south to warmer environment and avoid cold winters forever. I was born in New York and I moved to Puerto Rico in 1962. Since then I never have environmental issues, and we have only two seasons each year: spring and summer.

I do the same to avoid extreme weather
I do the mountain Camphosting in summer and avoid winters by going to the colorado River
My trailer uses less than 200 watts at night, but it still drains the battery too much due to minimal sun here in the forest
I’m trying to be green but I might have to buy long cables and an extra battery to avoid using my generator for about 2-4 hours a day
I do have 2 solar ovens and a wind mill also and I signed up to get an Aptera that gets 400 mile range and has 40 miles per day self charging 700 watts of panels mounted to the vehicle
Next I will get a Tesla truck to haul my trailer and put 2000 watts of panels on top of it
Poor people need cheap energy and electric is not an option for most of them for now

Thanks for the replies so far. I forgot to mention in the 1st post that this setup will be mostly unattended. We are normally only there on the weekends, and not always every weekend so it could go a 2-3 weeks unattended.

I want to have some confidence to leave the unit in that location, with PVs plugged in when it will not be touched for 5 days a weeks.

I don’t recommend the Tesla Cybertruck at all because Elon Musk promises many items which are still “vaporware”. I strongly recommend the Ford F-150 Lightning since it is now in production, it is a REAL PRODUCT, it will cost tens of thousands less, and it is based on the well known F-150 body which has tens of thousands of accessories and aftermarket items available now. And it can supply 7.2 kW of power with both 120 and 240 VAC outlets, which no other truck maker has on sale now. GM promises the Silverado EV with similar features but it will not be available until next year, so you can buy a real EV truck now by the best truck brand in the world (Ford sells a F-150 truck ever 57 seconds!) or wait for a promised product.

Go see it at your Ford dealer then cancel your Tesla reservation and put in on the F-150 Lightning.

It won’t tow my trailer

Read the latest towing tests published by Cnet. The author has towing experience with an Airstream. So this is real world information.

I read the article and it shows Tesla truck having double the range and torque!
Ford would tow my trailer for 139 miles and than I would have to disconnect the trailer to be able use the charging station
That sucks and I’m not buying one!!!
I do have a ford 250 heavy duty that barely toes my trailer now
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