AC200MAX doest not wake up the B300


I own an AC200MAX and have connected it with an B300 extension battery.
The AC200MAX also recognizes the B300 and charges both together via solar feed when both are turned on manually.
The solar feed takes place at the AC200MAX.
If I turn off the AC200MAX overnight, the entire AC200MAX and B300 system turns off.
This is correct in my opinion.

However, when the AC200MAX turns back on automatically the next morning due to the solar feed-in, the B300 stays off.
Only the AC200MAX will be charged, but not the B300. The B300 has status standby, the operating light on the B300 remains off. It even does not power on, when the AC200MAX is fully charged

Can someone help me.

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Ist leider so, ist beim B230 das gleiche Problem, kann man laut Bluetti nicht ändern.
Is unfortunately so, is the same problem with the B230, can not be changed according to Bluetti.

Best workaround is to connect a 200w Solar panel into the b300. This will then wake it once the sun comes out and it will charge from the panel and the ac200

We have a similar situation but rather than the b300 we have the B230. Presumably they work he same way.

In our case, we tried your workaround but when the B230 is turned off it has to be manually turned on again to receive power - it won’t automatically wake up when the sun hits the panels.

I have the same setup, AC200Max and b230, with solar going direct into the b230 as well as the 200max.

My battery doesnt wake up in the morning either. Thats a major issue, when I get decent sunshine at 5.30AM in the summer…

So if the issue is that the b230 wont wake itself up, once the 200max has turned it off, and there is no fix for that, would it be possible (Bluetti) to change the 200max firmware, so that it doesnt turn the b230 off at night? Would it be an issue for the b230 to be permanently on?

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I wondering if there’s some kind of workaround we can do in the meantime.

If you’re happy for the units to stay on 24 hours (I am), then presumably there’s going to be a way to set a little low power device to run periodically to stop the unit from shutting down? Haven’t got as far as thinking what, but I’d have thought it’d work?

Good idea! I wonder what the absolute minimum power req is… i mean, would a usb pen drive keep it awake ?

I’ll report back when I figure out what works. Let me know what works for you!

Here’s my husband’s idea (not yet tried - will give it a go tonight)…

We have a USB attaching Nimh battery charger. When it’s charging it draws a few watts, but when the batteries are fully charged the device is still drawing some power as it’s displaying lights.

Although I’ve shouted through to him your idea of a USB pen drive and he likes the sound of that too.

The pen drive is now plugged into the b230 (not the 200max) and its little access light is flashing away, so its defo drawing a little power. Both the 200max and b230 are currently on, so we will see what happens later tonight…

The drive is an old one, i dont care if it trashes it…

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So… early days, but my 200max has now gone to sleep, but the b230 is still awake, and the light on the usb drive is still flashing!

So, will it still be on in the morning? Thats the question… and i still want to know if there is any problem with the b230 being on 24 hours a day?

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Result! It worked! So both the AC200MAX and the B230 are both on, first thing this morning, and the battery percentage on the B230 is the same as last night, so there’s your answer… stick a USB pen drive into the B230 to stop it sleeping :slight_smile:

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That’s a very good suggestion, thanks.

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Awesome!! Thank you - we haven’t got around to trying it yet (we’re in scotland and are currently up long before the sun) - but great to know there’s a solution.

Thank you very much for all replies and tips for a solution.

Can someone confirm, that connecting a Solarpanel to the B300 will wake up the B300 as soon as there is an Voltage Input through the Solarpanel because of daylight.

I have heard, that the B300 has no automatically wake up function for solar Input.
If montogmeries workaround works, I will buy me a solar Panel for the B300

Glad I found this thread. I bought my B230 on Dec 21 and it has the same problem, won’t wake from sleep the next morning with solar input to the AC200 MAX. I found out if I leave the DC output ON with no loads connected to the AC200 the B230 will stay awake all night bit it results in a 3% loss of charge. I will try the thumb drive trick tonight. Sounds like an elegant solution. Anybody know if there is a downside to leaving the system powered up 24/7 ?

@Dalders: “The pen drive is now plugged into the b230 (not the 200max) and its little access light is flashing away, so its defo drawing a little power”
Do you mean that you see lights even without the DC power being turned on on the b230? If so, how is your power percentage the same in the morning? I would have thought leaving DC on draws power overnight.

Hi. I left the DC on, with the pen drive attached. This prevented it from going to sleep. Ive not done it over the winter, as we dont get daylight until after i wake up, so its not needed in the winter, but i didnt notice any power loss over night when i did it.

However, i have noticed a powerloss from the b230 over the winter when i have allowed it to go to sleep!

Interesting that there was no loss with DC on. Thanks for the detail that DC was on :slight_smile: