AC200MAX does not charge via PV


I own a AC200MAX which is not cahrging via the PV Port, AC Load works fine. Has anyone fixed this issue already? there is no answer from the Bluetti support. PV load is done by 2 200 W Panels.

There is a setting in the menu that needs to be set to PV. Sometimes it is set to something else.

Thank you, but it’s setted to PV.

@Brodie3764 , Regarding this issue, we have the following suggestions

  1. try to use the car charger, can it be charged?

  2. Is the mode setting correct? PV select PV mode, car charging select Others mode

  3. If the car charging can be charged, the machine is normal. It is the solar panel or cable problems.

Can you use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the solar panel, and measure the connection cable the presence of voltage?

  1. If the PV and car charging can not be charged, then check the conversion cable if there is a problem

  2. If there is no problem with the conversion cable, that it is the mainboard failure. Need to contact the support department for registration and return to repair processing.

First of all…the problem seems to be solved. After charging the AC200 MAX by AC from 15% to 50 %, PV loading works now and the box has loaded meanwhile to 57 %.

Once again:
The mode setting was/is on PV.

The PV and the car charger does not work at 15% load level, only AC loading was working.
The issue is that the AC200 shows an input at PV from panel or car charger (>20-200W) but the battery status remains in standby. Only if you use the AC charger it sets to loading. Voltage level on the end of the conversion cable is between 20-25 Volts. Once again, this the fact at a low load level. Now, above 50% load level, it works properly…seems to be a bit strange.

You may have a defective unit. Can you try setting it to car mode and then charge with the car?

It will charge very slowly. With a 12V car output you can expect a AC200MAX to take 20 hours to fully charge. This is because it will only draw ~10A from the car as to not trip the fuse so you will get ~120W or so. So I would wait an hour or so and then check to see if the battery percentage has gone up.

If that fails then there is for sure an issue with the AC200MAX and you will have to contact support to arrange service.

Just to give you an idea of charge times, with 2 X 200W panels you will get 400W max in full sun and low temperatures. This will take ~6 hours to fully charge the unit from empty.