AC200max discharges over night with nothing connected to it

My AC200max is used as a daily driver to power parts of my home. I charge it via PV and use the excess power.

Usually, I switch to grid at around 10 - 15 % charge left in the AC200max.

I noticed, that even if nothing is drawing power over night, the next day it has no charge left.

Is this a known issue? I attached a picture of the FW version and S/N.

Thank you for your support!


All of the “sogens” makes and models will draw consume power if turned on even though not in use. There is a power draw just being on. This of this like a car idling in your driveway that consumes power even though the car is not moving.

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Hi Scott,

this makes sense of course. However I observed the power draw of my AC200max just being turned on and nothing connected to it (except PV that charges it) to be as much as 400Wh (20 %) which in my opinion is way to high.


@iburic Please do the battery cycle as below to test if it works.

  1. Disconnect all loads, without any charging;
  2. Discharge until AC200MAX was automatically shutdown;
  3. Disconnect all loads, and then fully charge AC180 via AC (automatically stop charging).

Do your have AC or DC activated? Both of these will draw considerably more power if turned on even though nothing is connected.


I have exactly the same problem. Is there already a solurion?


@bluetti_hilgersw11googlemailcom Please do a full cycle of charge and discharge. And you can provide me with the SN and the firmware version for me to check.

Turn it off when you are not using it?

Thank you for the reply. I also got in touch with your support team and they told me that I would receive a Firmware update via the app (still did not receive it up until this point though).

I really hope that it will resolve my issue since the AC200max is otherwise a fantastic piece of Hardware.

Bonus question:

Are there any more feature updates planned for the AC200max? In particular it would be nice to have priority charging (prioritize PV charging when the sun is shining and only using the plugged in AC adapter when no sun is shining or it falls bellow a critical % treshold).

Best regards

That is what I´m doing at the moment however I still think that the powe draw is unusually high which may have a negative impact on the long term use of the unit. I want to use it for the forseable future nevertheless so it is better to tackle issues right away.

Still thank you for your suggestions.

Yep, with DC & AC on (AC200MAX + B230), the self-consumption is relatively high (My measurement / calculation = ~ 33 Watts) :tipping_hand_man:. In motorhome AC circuitry connect to AC200MAX via TT RV outlet. :tipping_hand_man:. Keeping refrigerator on a digital timer, on at 10 am, off at 12 am (14 hrs). :tipping_hand_man:. When AC turns off, the refrigerator auto switches to use propane :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:. Then for night time, keep the AC adapter connected to a digital timer, and program desired on times and off times. The AC Adapter charges the AC200MAX from a DIY Power Station from using LFP (Lithium Iron …) Batteries with a 3000 Watt inverter. Both power stations are solar charged. But generally, the DIY Power Station has practically very little loads, and reaches 100% SOC% by Noon. So will use it to give the AC200MAX a little power lift at night :tipping_hand_man:.
on at 9 pm, off at 9:20 pm (20 min of charging) :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.
on at 1 am, off at 1:20 am :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.
On at 5 am, off 5:20 am :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.

Eventually planing to keep refrigerator going on AC for longer daily period :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.

@iburic Firmware update may not solve your problem. If the unit is used for a long time, the power draw will increase. Rdegarding to the bonus question, I will give feedback to the relative department. Thanks for your opinion.

Sometimes the Battery Capacity sudently jump to zero.

It’s generally not a good idea to turn your Fridge on/off unnecessarily, outside of its regular compressor cycling. Maybe that no longer applies to the newest models, but just sayin.’
Mine runs 24/7 from the AC500, and I make sure the compressor is off before unplugging it for some reason.
That reminds me; I’d sure like to see some kind of lock on the AC out on/off APP button. Maybe a, “Are you Sure?” dialog box. It’s on the main screen and a few times I turned the AC off while picking up my ipad to monitor my panels and charging. Or maybe move off the main screen.

@bluetti_hilgersw11googlemailcom Please update the BMS version to 1017.03 and do a full cycle of charge and discharge.