AC200MAX DC 12V/30A connector


i have some need with the DC 12V / 30A output port on my AC200MAX
Woul’d like to use it for an appliance using about 16A.
What is the name of the connector (male) to use on the DC 12V port where can i find it ??

Thanks for help

I think they call it “aviation plug”…

  • Bluetti 12V/25A Aviation Plug
  • XT60 To Anderson (APP)

I have been trying to get one for the last year. I am in canada and i am told that they are coming in in Dec. But i have been told that about may aug and oct.

I am hoping to use it to power my cabins lights.
Good luck.

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Thanks for help.

I found that on amazon france

amazon FR

I’ll have to weld the wires, but I’ll tell you whether the product is good or not.

This amazon connector is not good, to small ?

Hi, Tomtom have you some links for this connector ?? I dont want to buy the Bluetti kit because it’s not my need.
Am just looking for male connector to plug in the DC 30A plug.

Sorry i don’t have any knowledge of where you could get one. I got one from China but it wouldn’t fit in the outlet.

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Ok thanks, I keep looking for that connector and I’ll share if I find it.
I also think to ask Bluetti (hello admin) because the RV 12V/30A cable kit does not meet this need.

Hi TomTom

I bought this one on amazon germany

…and it works fine with my AC200max on the DC Output with a little extern inverter (300w) for small electric units. I hope to reduce loss consumption with this method.

But more problems I have with the deep winter sun in northern germany ;-)

So long

Thanks for info.

I just found that on Ebay 2 Pin Male Aviation Connector 12V 30A Power BLUETTI AC200MAX EP500 RV DC Out

I received the aviation connector for the AC200MAX 12V DC 30A socket. It fits perfectly to the socket.
I haven’t installed the connector yet.
Care must be taken to make good quality welds to avoid any risk of heating and of course respect the polarity of the socket. Be careful.

I got one from Amazon ,it came from China. Tryed to solder two gage 10 wire to it without success. Just found out bluetti has the one for the bluetti max back in stock. The orderwas put in last night.

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