AC200MAX cover

hello all !

I am the proud owner of an AC200MAX with a B230 being shipped as I type this.

I live in an apartment and have limited space for storage.

My plan is to have a cover sewn for it and set a finished piece of wood on top so i can use it as a “table” between 2 IKEA chairs in my living room when not in use or being charged. (think old style computer or printer cover).

My big question is… Does the AC200MAX off gas or generate any sort of heat while off/being stored ? i.e. will i damage it by covering it up ? Should I use cloth ? can I use bbq cover type material that does not breath but is spill proof ?

I know it sounds silly but I want to keep it handy but hidden and dust free.

thanks !!

You need to make sure you don’t block the fan ventilation grills as too much heat during use will damage the batteries. Bluetti in the manual also recommend not to place anything on top of the unit.

Personally I would not do what you are suggesting.

Hi @Digidog

as already mentioned, i wouldnt cover the unit fully. Theese units do produce a lot of heat when using. The only thing you may can do is something like a wooden Box which is more or less open on all sides.

Maybe something like this can work. You need to have fresh air for the powerstation to cool down its components.


If you are not using it, powering it up or charging and absolutely verify that the unit is in the “off” state before covering, I don’t see an issue. Bluetti actually included with the original AC200, a vinyl slip cover that was open on the bottom. I cover mine when in storage with that unit to this day.

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Thank you. That is what I needed to hear !

To the other people that replied, no I would never have it covered when in use or charging or “on”.

As stated, it is for when I am “storing” it only. ;)

Thanks for all the input !!

Cheers !!