AC200MAX cooling fan noise level?

Although I really like all the features of the AC200MAX, the ventilation fans of my AC200MAX are noticeably audible. Comparatively, the powered fans within both of my AC300 units are extremely quiet when running – no detectible motor or bearing noise; only air movement is slightly heard. Using a decibel measuring device, I measured ~48.2 dBA for the “low speed” (single fan?) noise level, and ~57.9 dBA for the “high speed” (both fans?) noise level, measuring at 1 meter away from the AC200MAX. Based on my measurements, would you consider the fan noise level of my AC200MAX essentially “normal” for this model sogen, or does it seem too loud, and should I have Bluetti technical support do an inspection/evaluation?

That’s a difference of almost 10db. Though that is perceived as 2x as loud, it is actually 10x the sound power. So there must be more than 2x the fans turning on, they must also be blowing much harder as well. If we went from 1 fan to 2 fan at the same noise level for each, the sound would only increase by 3db.

Hi @hned,

Please don’t worry, it is normal. The noise level is about 55db when the fan is “high speed”.