AC200MAX cooling fan noise level?

Although I really like all the features of the AC200MAX, the ventilation fans of my AC200MAX are noticeably audible. Comparatively, the powered fans within both of my AC300 units are extremely quiet when running – no detectible motor or bearing noise; only air movement is slightly heard. Using a decibel measuring device, I measured ~48.2 dBA for the “low speed” (single fan?) noise level, and ~57.9 dBA for the “high speed” (both fans?) noise level, measuring at 1 meter away from the AC200MAX. Based on my measurements, would you consider the fan noise level of my AC200MAX essentially “normal” for this model sogen, or does it seem too loud, and should I have Bluetti technical support do an inspection/evaluation?

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That’s a difference of almost 10db. Though that is perceived as 2x as loud, it is actually 10x the sound power. So there must be more than 2x the fans turning on, they must also be blowing much harder as well. If we went from 1 fan to 2 fan at the same noise level for each, the sound would only increase by 3db.

Hi @hned,

Please don’t worry, it is normal. The noise level is about 55db when the fan is “high speed”.

Hello! About the AC200Max fan noise and regularity. I’ve only recently started to use the generator very lightly, due to delayed renovations to where I am now living.
E.g. yesterday I was out the whole day and came back late to watch some videos and reading on my laptop, with one led lamp on, nothing else. The fan would come on every couple of minutes for what seems to be ages, 45 seconds, with 41 db up to 61 - and I only have a free app metre on my phone, which probably isn’t a sensitive metre. Ambient temperature in lounge 22C, which I would say is a perfect temperature for it - how is it going to perform when it gets to summer heat?
This morning I cooked on a small appliance, 1500W, and the fan would come on every 20 seconds, or so.
I received the AC200Max at the end of May - is it possible that this model is faulty? The thought of living with it like this for years doesn’t appeal to me.
I would appreciate some solution-

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Hey hned,
I just received my AC200max on 11/7/2022. On 11/8/2022 I started putting it through it paces…low and behold I starting getting the fan noise. It sounds like a prop plane trying to take off on a short runway. With all the innovations and technological advancements Bluetti has put into these boxes, they scrimp on the fans.

I have had an AC200max since March. I use it in a daily basis and the fan noise has been there since day one. I have found, through personal experience, reading, and watching users videos, that the AC200max is blessed with excessive fan noise. That’s not much more than a consolation prize, but I don’t believe the noise to be a defect…

Hi! I’ve recently bought AC200MAX too when it’s cooling I hear chinking from the inside (fan noise) is it normal, trrrrrrr and cooling? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

I do not have clicking or “trrrrr” on my ac200max.

Hola, tengo la acmax200 y desde el primer dia se encienden los ventiladores cada 2 minutos NO ES NORMAL y hacen un ruido…tengo que avisar al servicio tecnico??