AC200MAX Control Panel issues


I have the Bluetti AC 200Max + 1*B230 + Solar Panels kit. all purchased from Bluetti July 2022.

The system/kit has been performing flawlessly since new until yesterday.
The control panel/display is now NOT responding to ‘DC’ or ‘AC’ power request. I have been using the unit mainly to run my DC powered camping fridge and charging devices - such as phone, torches etc.

What’s still working and showing on the Control/Display Panel :

  1. Status of PV charging - i.e. it still able to be receiving charge from the solar panels.
  2. Status of system’s charge (90%, 100% etc)
  3. I am able to navigate (view) - ONLY - within the Control/Display panel…

What’s NOT working :
a. The power button will not turn the unit ON or OFF unless I disconnect the solar panels
b. Both the ‘DC’ and ‘AC’ power modes are NOT working - neither can be enabled from the Control/Display Panel
c. There are NO Alarms showing - i.e. nothing to reset.
d. No function (such as Screen Time etc) can be enabled - i.e the Control/Display Panel is now useless.

Serial Number of AC200Max unit : 2221000809523

Any suggestions and/or course of actions I should try ?

Thanks in advance…

Man I feel for you. Wish I had something to suggest. Can it be controlled via the app? Also, have you held the power button for 5 seconds? I think thats a reset, not sure. Good luck.

@Odysseus This should be a malfunctioning display. It can still be controlled through the app, right?
We suggest you contact the after-sales support as soon as possible to provide you with further solutions

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