AC200MAX Connecting more then 900 Watt at the Solar Input

Is it safe to connect 3 solar panels in series to the Bluetti AC200MAX, each 405 watts.
The no-load voltage of a single solar module is 40 watts at 10 amps. So I would have 120 watts with a total of 10 amperes at the solar input.
The panels are not set up so optimally that they will permanently produce 405 watts per piece and I live in middle Europe 48° N.
So I would only exceed the 900 watt limit in summer with a cloudless sky.
Does the AC200Max suffer damage if the solar input exceeds the 900 watt limit, but the voltage and current are within the permissible range, or does the AC200Max limit the watt output of the solar panels to 900 watts without problems, even if more watts are at the solar input.

You can overpanel I have 1000w going into mine in series. You just need to keep the VOC under the 150v the rest is not an issue.

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Hi @montgomery , Wattage and amperage exceeding will only be wasted, don’t worry about it.
Just make sure that the VOC of the solar panels when connected is within the AC200max range.