Ac200max cigarette lighter

The AC200 max cigarette lighter is 12v/10amps. Can you wire together to a single socket two maxxair deluxe fans (5amps each) and three led puck lights (.21 amps each)?

I’m new to electrical and wondering what might happen.


you can wire them, but running them will be the problem. Even the two fans at the same time will be pushing it and any spike could throw the safety. Pretty sure adding the puck lights will guarantee the safety throws even if you manage to power it all on.
I’m no electrical expert, btw, but I would not rely on the 12V/10A output for that load, unless you plan to never run everything at once. It’s not uncommon for RV wiring to have a potential overload of the output source with the understanding that no two appliances will ever run at the same time. Of course, you will want to fuse that and keep a supply of fuses on hand rather than mistreat your unserviceable AC200Max.

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The total DC output of the ac200max is 30amps. You should just wire everything to a fuse box that plugs into the 30amp plug.

How do you do that?

My knowledge is currently limited to having never failed with electrical tape… I feel like I may need more than that.