AC200MAX Charging from 150 Watt AC Outlet in Vehicle

Hi everyone, I wanted to see if there is a way to charge the AC200MAX using the AC outlet in a vehicle (Jeep Wagoneer). My vehicle’s AC outlet only supports up to 150 Watts max. The AC charger included with the AC200MAX draws ~500 Watts which immediately causes the AC port to shut off. Ideally, I would like to use both the cigarette lighter and the AC plug to simultaneously charge the AC200MAX. Even if charging using both at the same time is not an option, I would still like to explore options for using the 150 Watt AC outlet.


No, 150 watts wont do it, You’re better just off using the 12vdc cigarette lighter socket. Neither of those 2 methods are an ideal way to charge the AC 200. I’m glad its an option but the only way I could see using the lighter socket would be if I were going on a long road trip so I could leave it plugged in for the entire time. charging from a proper wall outlet or with an adequate number of solar panels is the only real choice for these units.

One issue you face is that the 150 watt outlet in your vehicle does not output clean power in the form of a pure sine wave. An AC charging brick that will plug into your AC200 Max may or may not be able to use the power from your vehicle without damaging the charging brick.

One thing you can do is look for a charging brick that outputs 150 watts or less that supplies 58.5 volts (+ or - 1 volt) that terminates in a 7909 male plug. If you found a 150 watt charging brick, you could theoretically plug that into your vehicle 150 watt AC outlet and connect the 7909 male end to the AC charging brick input from your AC200 Max. At the same time you could charge via the 12 VDC car cig outlet charger and have the combined wattages from both sources.

If your new charging brick is not compatible with the power from your vehicle AC inverter outlet, at most you will have damaged the charging brick you found and at best it will work fine.

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It seems like that may be a pretty hard power supply to find. I assume the D050S charging enhancer plugged into a second cigarette lighter port and outputting to the 7909 should also work? (While the first cigarette lighter port to aviation is also plugged in) I would at least be able to get the combined input power from both?

Would your answers or suggestions change for a vehicle with a 400 watt AC plug? The T500 still trips the protection and kills the port. Is there a way to get at least 400 watts of charging?

Thank you for your help

You could get an additional 100 W of charging power by using the charge enhancer module connected to a second Sigg socket in your vehicle assuming they were on separate circuits. If you have a large enough DC to AC inverter in a vehicle that will capably power one of the Bluetti charging bricks you could connect that to the AC inverter as well