AC200MAX Charger

Hi. I just brought the AC200MAX for outages/emergency mainly. I have a 20kWh battery in my PHEV vehicle which has a built-in 1500w pure sine inverter powered from the traction battery. I use the inverter to charge the unit with the T500 and it works well utilizing the 20kWh battery. The T500 just keeps up with demand and I would like to add a T400 to the solar input using the xt90 to DC7909 adapter. Trouble is the T400 is hard/impossible to find here in NZ and the T500 is noisy. Is there an aftermarket 400w (no fan) alternative to the T400? Thank you.

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@vs2 You can contact the after-sale service department. There are currently no brand new T400s for sale, but there may be used ones.

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The more satisfying result would be to eliminate all the charging bricks by replacing the 200Max with the New AC200L. You can fast charge that at the full 1500 watt AC inverter output of your PHEV and not have to mess with any charging bricks or wires. Much quieter and more powerful unit as well.

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What is the best way to contact the after-sale service department. Thank you.

@vs2 If you are in Australia you can contact

No I am in New Zealand so no official Bluetti here.

@vs2 You can directly contact I have contacted them and forwarded your request. A batch of goods will be sent to New Zealand soon. They will be sent together with the T400 if you need it. Please contact them for more details.

I have a T400 here in Australia that actually came with the AC200Max.
Used once then purchased a couple of T500’s to use to speed up charging as noise is not an issue where the unit is.
Happy to do a deal with you if you can’t source one from Bluetti.
We can swap your T500 for my T400.

Thanks. I’m in NZ so probably not worth the shipping costs but happy to consider.

I’m assuming you have a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV like I do. I have used mine with two T500s to backup my AC500 by charging thr B300S batteries directly. I tried connecting the AC500 directly but it tripped the breaker in the Outlander. I set the max grid input very low but it didn’t help so I’m stuck using the T500s which are noisy.

Yes I have the 2023 PHEV with the 230v 1500w inverter. The inverter is very touchy and does not like our MEN (Multiple Earth Neutral) system here in NZ, but the T500’s work great. x2 T500’s draw 1100w from the inverter and supply 950w to the AC200MAX, so about a 60-70% load on the inverter. 8hrs daytime use used 30% of the PHEV battery and would be less at night. Works for what I need it for.

Nope, I own a Honda Ridgeline and an Isuzu Trooper.

Because of the ‘passthrough’ mode I believe there are issues with the PHEV inverter tripping. With the 200MAX charging and supplying 240v are separate. I tried to connect my PHEV directly to my distribution panel and it tripped also. x2 T500’s are working fine.