AC200Max: BMS/SOC issue | Customer Service not responding

I sent the following email to [] on 1/15/23:
To whom it may concern:
I purchased my AC200Max and PV200 panel directly from Bluetti online on or about 5/22/2022. Order number Bluetti - US26731. Items were delivered on or before 5/31/2022. I used the AC200Max several times in my RV, without issue, with the last time being in mid-October, at which time I fully charged it, turned the unit off, disconnected all charging ports, and left it in the RV. It did get below freezing a few times, but all within the specifications listed for storage. I live in Roanoke, VA so it’s not that cold here.

I brought the unit into my home two weeks ago in preparation for severe weather and when it powered on the SOC was only at at 89% and then continued to fluctuate between 85% and 95% each time I powered it off and on. When I attempted to charge it, it “charged” to 100% in less than 5 minutes, then fluctuated again. None of these are expected readings or behaviors.

After some research in the forum, I attempted to reset the battery meter by fully discharging, at a steady state, until it powered off, and then, immediately, fully recharged via an AC12OV outlet. Had the same issue with SOC at 89% immediately after powering back on, so did the whole discharge/charge cycle again without successful resolution.

There is no indication of a firmware update in the app as far as I can tell. I’ve attached a screenshot of the unit SN and firmware versions for reference.

1/21/23: Reply from CS | “Sorry for the late reply and sorry for the problem. This problem can be solved by upgrading the latest firmware. Can you please provide your serial number which is with the QR code? So I can ask our technician to push the latest version to you.”
1/21/23: I resent the SN
1/25/23: No reply; I sent the following: “Following up on this. What are next steps - how and when do I load the updated firmware? The delay in response is frustrating”
1/27/23: Reply from CS | “Sorry for the late response and sorry for my negligence. I have already provided your serial number to our technician. They will push the latest version of the firmware to you today. Please wait with patience.”
2/3/23: I still have not received a firmware update and sent a follow-up inquiry.
I also called the customer service number I found on this site: 702-463-4792 but got their voicemail explaining how busy their customer service is, to have patience etc etc. In the end I couldn’t leave a voicemail, as instructed, because the mailbox is full! Really??? I’m extremely frustrated with this situation and not sure where else to turn. Considering how much I spent on this system (gen and panels), this is unacceptable imo.

Has anyone had experience in receiving a firmware update for this scenario? If so, did it resolve the issue and have you had the issue again, since the update? Not sure if this is worth the headache and thinking of trying to return the unit - another headache, likely, but that’s alot of money down the drain.

The good news is they’re probably not ignoring you. Bad news: They have a world of complex logistics with providing the service you need. Just keep on them thru email and support forum. . You have to be methodical. Remind them of your status once a week. Make a chronology of when and who you communicated. In 4 months or so, you should be golden.

@cyberhatter, I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic/funny or not, tbh. Humor can be hard to pinpoint in written form, for sure. That being said, if you’re being serious, 4 months is absolutely unacceptable from a customer service resolution perspective. I was planning to use this generator in my van build, however, if customer service is lacking then I’ll go another route and sell the unit (if I can get it fixed). If I’m living full time, off grid, and dependent on this system, then reliable customer service is an absolute most-have. I think this holds true for those using for home back-up as well. What’s the point in having an emergency back up that fails when you need it and you cant get ahold of anyone to fix it? A customer should NEVER have to chase down customer service to that degree, especially for systems that cost this much. Pushing firmware is not in the realm of ‘complex logistics’, unless the firmware is still in development, but that was not what was indicated. If that’s the case, the company should be transparent about it and set expectations. Given what I’ve already read about this issue in the forum, however, it would see the firmware already exists and has been provided to others.

Still waiting to hear back from Customer Service…


@kbronx , Sorry for inconvenience caused.
I will check with support and let them prioritize your email.

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@BLUETTI , thank you.

Finally heard back about the firmware on 2/9:|Thu, Feb 9, 5:51 AM
Hi Kimberly,
Sorry for the late response. The record showed that we push it success to you. We are not
sure what hapended. Anyway, we have re-pushed the firmware for you. If you still have not
received it this time, I will replace it for you. Sorry for causing inconvenience.

I immediately loaded the firmware but it did not correct my issue, and replied with the following email. I have not received a reply, as of today 2/12:
Thu, Feb 9, 2023 at 6:32 AM :
Thank you. I received the firmware and downloaded it. I turned the unit off and back on again, but SOC is still reading 81% with the battery charged to 100% almost 3 weeks ago with no use or discharge since. Do I need to do another discharge/charge cycle to reset it or was the firmware supposed to reset it to the correct SOC?

On Mon, Feb 13, 2023 at 3:51 AM service-us <> wrote:
Hi Kimberly,
Sorry for the late reply. Yes, please do another discharge/charge cycle to reset the unit. If the problem still exists, the unit needs to be replaced.

2/17/22 My reply:
I completed the discharge/recharge and the SOC appears to now be correct and stable. I have turned it on/off several times over the past few days and it remains at 100% as expected. TY