AC200Max Bluetooth extension?

Anyone knows how to extend the Bluetooth range from the AC800Max to 50-100ft?

I have my unit in my standalone garage (solar on the roof) and would love to find a way to connect via the app from my house, approximately 50ft away.

Best Buy offers a few extenders. I have not used or needed them, but Best Buy offer a great return service, so if it doesn’t solve your need, you can return it. Check here:

Post the results here for the benefit of other members.

Extra: What is an AC800MAX?

Thanks, just worried they will not work as they seem very audio/video focused. But as you said, one can always return the part.

Bluetooth can transmit commands slow data streams, and stereo audio. Video needs more bandwith than what Bluetooth can handle. But these range extenders don’t care what is transmitted.

I’d doubt that they’d pickup BT from the Max and retransmit it. These are designed to plug into an audio outlet and convert/transmit the signal over BT. The Max offers no way to connect into the communication module with cables so this type of device won’t work.

The closest thing that I could find addressing this issue is this:

From the article, “The short answer is “no”, there is not an easy or standard way to do this. What you are looking for would be a Bluetooth repeater. Bluetooth repeater devices do exist, but are proprietary, not standardized.”

I’m wondering if there is a hack to bring the BT signal outside of the case and attach a better antenna. My AC200MAX BT range is ridiculously short (probably about 8-10 feet with a clear line of sight).

Do they support Wifi? Though I suppose that would consume a couple of watts though.

I notice my Bluetooth range for the AC200MAX is NOT good for about one or so room away from it.

I check bluetti site and no info on which version of bluetooth they are using. I know the older unit were power hungry and short range.

Hopefully that is not the case with such a new unit.

Hello Bluetti…

Can you provide specs on the bluetooth module being used. It doesn’t seem to be that good so far.

This might work. A lot of money for “might” and requires programming.