AC200Max blinked on and off when using house wiring for power outage

To avoid moving my AC200Max and two B230 batteries upstairs and then running extension cords to the refer and freezer, I converted an RV cord to plug into my dryer outlet. Yes, I know this is not recommended, but I’m VERY careful with breakers in the panel. A recent power outage allowed the opportunity to try the cord with the Max, using the house wiring to act as extension cords. All was well for about 30 seconds, then the two separate circuits with the refer and chest freezer started blinking in one-second intervals, all other breakers were off (except the dryer). Not good, so I rushed downstairs and shut off the dryer breaker. There was no error message on the Max, so all was well when I carried the AC200Max upstairs and plugged the refer directly into it.

I suspect the problem was my Siemens 140 Surge Protector in the panel, or possibly one of the ground-fault breakers? My thinking now is I should have turned off the breaker to the surge protector as well. I had my electrician check the converted RV cord when he put in the Siemens unit and he said the cord was wired correctly. Any ideas out there?

Hi @cozyafloat1 , This is related to the floating ground of our machine, your circuit breaker has the function of detecting the ground. We recommend not connecting this type of socket or you can buy a Neutral-Ground Bonding plug to solve this problem.