AC200MAX batteries turn on automatically?

Wondering if the expansion batteries turn on automatically in the morning for charging if they are empty?

I watched a review video where this was listed as a problem.

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They do not, I suggested a firmware update to Bluetti in a different thread and they said it was a good suggestion, they will look in to it. The funny thing is that the AC200Max turns on, but the B230’s do not. I think it is exactly the same with the B300. For now, either do not run empty, or you have to turn them on manually…

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Thank you! Is turning them on just a push of a button like the main unit?

Any idea if the AC300 has the same issue?

May not be a deal breaker, but very good to know going into it.

Thanks again!

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If the AC200Max turns on, then at least it will charge, even if the b230 stay off. The question is whether it will also enable the AC output.

The AC300 has no built in battery, so even if it turns on when the sun hits it, it isn’t going to do any good unless a connected b300 also turns on.

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