AC200Max + Batteries = More Watts or just Wh?

I feel dumb for asking this, but it just occurred to me. If I expand my AC200Max with a B300, do I still only get the 2200 Watts from the unit with only extended Wh? Or does it add more actual Watts for use to my unit?

I have a gas unit that is 7500 Watts/30 Amp Circuit…I was wanting to replace it for home emergency backup. For some reason, I was thinking adding B300 added watts for use…

If not, that would mean the only solution to get above 3000 Watts would be the 500Pro or the AC300 run in phase with another unit of the same model…

Correct. You won’t get more power, just more battery storage.

2200W and then some surge capacity.

Do you really run 7500W at the same time in your house? My biggest draws seem to be the kettle and coffee maker. But they are only short lived power draws and I would not run both of them together.

Besides if you drew 7500W for one hour you would need a 7.5Kwh battery just for that. The battery on your AC200Max would be drained in less then 15 minutes.

Appreciate the answer. I was pretty sure that was the answer. And, no…we don’t really use 7500 W at once. LOL That was just my comparable.

Biggest draws would be fridge and freezers…we have 2 freezers and a side by side fridge. I think I can put the freezer in the garage on one of the B300’s using an AC Converter for the cigarette receptacle. Everything else in the generator panel is minimal amp and W usage. I have a list on the fridge so I can check before I use something I know is high what to switch off first or if I need to.

Trial and error. LOL