AC200Max + B230

I have 3 problems:

Problem 1:
I have an AC200Max and 1x B230. Have connected these two together.
The AC200Max is charged via solar. Unfortunately, it does not charge the B230 with. (Both are switched on!).

Problem 2:
With the AC200Max, I just wanted to turn off AC/DC overnight and leave the unit itself on. Unfortunately, it shuts off completely after a few hours (Eco mode is off!).
And thus the B230 is also switched off and this unfortunately does not wake up by itself in the morning again.

Problem 3:
AC is on. However, it only discharges the B230.
Battery level at the beginning of the test: AC200Max=64%; B230=68%.
Battery level at end of test:
AC200Max=64%; B230=34%

I don’t understand these problems and I hope someone can help me. Sorry for my bad English. I work with a translator program :wink:

Best regards from Germany

When I first bought my AC200 and B230 I had the same issue. They don’t equally discharge at the same rate. It turns out that that’s completely normal on how the unit works. I’m used to it now but If I turn them both on and put a load on them the AC200 goes down first and the B230 lags behind, yours sounds opposite, but they will both completely discharge if you leave them running long enough. Same thing for charging, one will completely charge before the other, I think that’s in the manual. You would think they would charge/discharge equally, but they don’t.

Hi - If you didnt calibrate the unit(s) when you got them, you should - start by charging both units to 100% then discharge to 0% - next recharge back to 100% ( without interrupting). This may solve some of your charging issues. When solar wakes up the AC200 Max the next day, it will only recharge the AC200 Max ( not the B230 extension battery which has to be manually turned back on to charge - this is a known issue). On my system, when discharging , the AC200 MAx and the B230 are always when a few % of each other - hopefully when you do the calibration I mentioned above, it will correct this. Cheers

I am also from germany. I got the same experience as you. Ok, after some charges and discharges my values of SoC are not drifting apart that bad, they become more and more equal, but not completly.

Anyway, here is a hint for your problem number 2:
Even if “Eco” is tunred off, if both, DC and AC, is turned off, the AC200Max will shut off after 4 hours. BUT, if you charge it, even only for a minute, the 4h timeout will be reset. So I connected a controlled switch between the grid and the wall-charger. Every 3hours and 55min it will turn on for 5min and everything is fine.
I use this switch anyway to charge the AC200Max over the wall-charger cause I use micro-inverters that directly pushes the power into the grid. So if the micro-inverter pushes over 500W into the grid, the wall charger is turned on. If it goes back to under 200W, I turn it off. Maybe I will change the values as I need it, but thats it at the moment.

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du lädst deine Box aus dem Netz und speist ihn wieder ein? habe ich das richtig verstanden?
und verstehe ich das auch richtig das sich die AC200Max und der B230 nicht zusammen einschalten wenn Solarstrom am Morgen anfängt zu laden?

Thank you very much for the help!

Have now both completely loaded, discharged and reloaded.

Sometimes the b230 discharges to 50% and the AC200MAX stays at 100%. Only then both start to discharge at the same time!?

Also charging both does not happen at the same time → AC200MAX goes to 90%-95% and only then does the b230 start charging.

Have 3 solar panels connected to the AC200MAX with the solar cable in series (each panel has an open circuit voltage of 33 volts at 200 watts) and additionally the charge amplifier d050s is connected to the AC200MAX with 1x 200 watts (33 volts).

I thought there will be a software update at some point, my current version is as follows:

ARM: v4008.03
DSP: v4005.07
BMS: v1070.02

When I get up in the morning I switch on the b230. If then both would charge at the same time (regardless of the state of charge of the two) I would even care if both would not be woken up by the sun.

Nein ich lade über Solar.
Und ja die b230 schaltet sich zwar mit der AC200MAX zusammen Nachts automatisch aus aber morgens geht nur noch die AC200MAX durch Solar wieder an. Ist wohl ein bekanntes “Problem” welches Bluetti leider komplett ignoriert. Hier ist Ecoflow definitiv weiter vorn (gleichzeitiges Einschalten und Ausgleichen des Akkustandes von Station und Zusatzakku).
Überlege mir ernsthaft zu Ecoflow zu wechseln…

Wie ich schon geschrieben habe, lass die Bluetti einfach an und schau das sich diese nicht abschaltet. Das geht indem man vor Ablauf des 4h Timeout das Netz-Ladegerät kurz einschaltet, damit wird der 4h Timer zurückgesetzt.

Ich dachte auch zuerst an EcoFlow, aber bei mir müsste es min. eine Delta Pro werden und das Teil ist mir absolut zu schwer. Eigentlich wollte ich dann eine Bluetti AC300, aber auch da ist mir bereits der B300 Akku zu schwer. Ich hatte schon mal einen Leistenbruch und das brauche ich nicht nochmal.
Daher bin ich jetzt bei der AC200MAX, das geht gerade noch so um die mal irgendwo hin zu lupfen wenn man alleine ist. Setzt man das ganze nur stationär dann würde ich auch auf eine AC300 oder gar eine AC500 setzen, mal sehen was die Zukunft bringt.