AC200Max + B230 expansion

Hello All!

I’m about to place an order for a B230 to add to my AC200Max. My questions are:

  1. Can you extend the expansion cable between the 2 units? I plan to put the expansion unit about 8FT away from the Max.

  2. I use the standard AC power block that comes with the AC200Max to charge it from the grid. Should I upgrade that to the T500 or the DC enhancer? (I have 525w of solar connected too and plan to create a DCtoDC connection to my van if the sun isn’t shining!)

Any and all info is well appreciated! I’ve been using and loving my AC200Max for a while now and just want added capacity to reduce “range anxiety” especially in winter months (don’t worry! I keep them warm!).

Hi @volksman

since the cables are really thick, and im sure thats for a reason, i wouldnt expand it. More longer cable means it need to be more thick to archive the same proofness.

For the AC Adapter, you can use the T500 to replace the stock charger. Its listed as a compatible unit. If you want to use the D050 or the T500 depends on you needs. T500 charger only can charge you unit by wall plug, with the D050 you could connect some extra solarpanels to the “AC Input” of the unit.


(Sorry Selfmadestrom, I didn’t see that you already aswered. My answers are too long!)

for your first question : Bad news for you, I have never seen an expansion cable longer than the one delivered with the B230 or an bluetti “extension cable”.

for your second question : I’m not sure I understand your question.
The AC-DC adapter delivered with the AC200 max is normally a T500…
So you already have one, no need to buy a second because if you connect the B230 and the AC200MAX, and if you plug the AC-DC adapter into the AC200max, it will be able to recharge both your AC200max and your B230 (via the expansion cable). The only reason why you might want to buy a second T500 would be to be able to recharge your AC200max and B230 twice as fast from the grid : you can plug the second T500 into the DC7909 input of your B230 (you can keep the B230 connected to the AC200max via the expansion cable).
the D050S charge amplifier is only useful if you have already saturated the solar input of the AC200MAX (900W max)… because the D050S allows you to connect up to 500W of additional solar panels via the AC Adapter input of your AC200max or B230. Not useful in your case because you only have 525W of panels (<900W of the solar input of your AC200MAX… check anyway that the max voltage of your panels in series does not exceed the maximum of the solar input of your AC200max = 145V)

Good to know, didnt know the AC200 Max is already coming with the T500 adapter. Thanks for add that!

Thanks to you both for your replies! I will have to reorganize somethings to stack the units or keep them close. Unfortunate but that’s the way it is.

As for the charger: yes, it seems that the newer AC200Max are shipping with the T500. I had bought mine a while ago when they shipped with a no fan power supply, however it was replaced recently under a warranty claim (yay Bluetti!) and came with a T500.

So now here’s my next issue/concern: the T500 fan is loud, but not only that I use this in a van and when I connect the van to the grid the charger will spin up regardless of charge status. I live in a cold climate so I often leave the van plugged in for a couple of days at a time to run a heater (direct to grid, bypassing the battery) and it also keeps the battery topped up and running the DC systems (which are a constant drain) so it’s “battle ready” when the need calls. The connection for both are buried in a hard to access corner of the van so it’s not ideal to plug and unplug when needed.

Am I foolish to try to source a fanless charger similar to the original that came with the unit? I would keep the T500 and as you have mentioned could dual charge in the event I need a fast top up but the main grid charging system I had was perfect for my needs.

I guess the question is, was the older fanless chargers a problem (blowing up or overheating) and that’s why Bluetti decided to start shipping with the T500?

All good! Bluetti support answered the question, the 400 is fine but slower and heats when used for long periods. Not really an issue for me since it’s usually cold out and I’m usually topping up by grid, not a full charge. I’ll be trying to source a 400 for my uses.

I also managed to squeeze my new B230 in place and made it all work. Now onto other issues: Not getting wattage expected out of panels