AC200Max + b230 actual capacity seems low

I have an AC200Max + b230 setup. Should be a total of 4,096 kWh. Using it to power my 1.5 horsepower pool pump. App says it’s pulling 1,100 watts. Assuming an 85% efficiency, I would expect the pump to run at least 3 hours. I’m struggling to get much past 2 hours, 15 minutes. I expected an 1,100 watt load to yield a better performance because it’s not a slow drain on the AC inverter for parasitic draw. Any feedback would certainly be appreciated. Thank you.

your calculations seem good to me (bluetti gives 81% =90% x 90% and not 85% but it still gives 3 hours)
I will try this: when your ac200max and b230 are completely empty, remove the expansion cable and recharge each, separately, up to 100% with the ac-dc charger. then connect them again and see if that changes anything.

Furthermore, if you have a smart socket/electric meter you can plug it into the AC socket of your ac200max, then plug your pump into it to measure the quantity of energy delivered.

Finally, as a last resort, maybe you can add solar panels? to make the operation last longer.

@CrewsN The starting power of the pool pump can be really high, which can be 3-5 times the constant power. Is 1,100 watts always displayed on the APP data?

This is why I suggested putting a smart plug/energy meter between the AC200max socket and the pump, because it is possible that the pump sometimes consumes more than 1100w.
Some smart plug meters (tuya) give you a history of the power consumed, and you can also measure the electrical energy supplied by your AC200max+B230.

and regarding my calibration suggestion (especially of the B230): I notice on my AC200max and B230 (when I recharge both connected to each other) that quite regularly the SOC of the B230 does not give a good result : sometimes the SOC of the B230 is at 0 and the B230 cuts off too early, while there is still power. A recalibration allows you to get all the energy out of the B230.

Thank you for your reply. The smart plug/meter is a great idea. The app always say 1.1 kW, but your point is well taken. I’ll follow-up with additional data.