AC200Max and water pumps

I recently bought an AC200Max for use at an off grid cabin. One of the the things I am hoping to use it for is to pump some water from the lake to a tank by the house. I’ve seen some YouTube videos of people using AC200s to run 3/4hp pumps for wells but I wanted to see if others here had any experience with pumping water with a AC200Max. I think a 1/2hp pump would be enough power for my situation, but 3/4hp would probably be better.

Everything I seen and read about pumps and electrical demands talk about the initial surge demand of the pump. The AC200Max has a 4400watt surge capacity, which I would think is more than enough for a 1/2 or 3/4hp pump. But I would love to know if anyone has much experience with it…


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Does it really? Is the output duration @ 4400W measured in milliseconds as it is for the EB200?

FWIW the EB200 has a surge rating of 4000W (for a few milliseconds) but the real world numbers, as best I can find, are:

Load greater than 2,500 watts | Overload trips immediately
Load between 2,000 and 2,500 watts | Overload trips after 2 minutes
Load 2,000 and less | Maximum operating load for the unit.

I have asked Bluetti to address this question directly but so far, no go.

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You are correct Joules22. The surge ratings are for a fraction of a second.

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There is no doubt that the running load is within the range of the AC200max. A 3/4hp pump should probably draw about 1500watts I’d guess. It is just the initial surge load that is in question, which is probably closer to 3000watts. It does only last a fraction of a second while it is charging the capacitors of the motor for the initial start.

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I’d suggest looking into soft-start water/well pumps.


well, never mind. Soft starters are for three phase pumps.


I successfully run a DAB AquaJet Inox 102/20 M waterpump with the AC200Max.

Link (dutch btw, but note DAB Pumps is an international company)


Power consumption is a stable 1150 Watts:

Before this pump I had a DAB AquaJet 132/20M running ok with the AC200Max. It was drawing 1450 of Watts. But I replaced this (older) unit with a bit lighter variant to have a less steep discharge curve for my AC200Max + 2xB230S setup.

As an extra (you can do without!), I have put in a ‘soft starter’ in between the AC outlet and the waterpump to have a ‘gentle treatment’ for the electronics of the waterpump and the Bluetti as well. But maybe that is just a idealized picture in my mind. They also incorporate this soft starter in jack hammers of Makita for instance.


Sorry for the unclear picture. For the exact part number, I have to go to the shop. Let me know if you are interested in it.

Thanks for sharing! As best I can tell both those pumps are bigger than what I was thinking of using. I feel better knowing that a 3/4HP pump should run without any problems.

I’ve read about soft starters, and I might consider it if I was running a larger pump. But for a my purposes I don’t think it will be necessary. But I’m glad to hear you are running one, as that lets me know that they can and do work well if I wanted to use one.

756 watts = 1 HP @ 6.3 amps
567 watts = 3/4 HP @ 4.72 amps
These are RUNNING amps , start up is at least 2x this amount and getting to a level draw takes 5-10 seconds. During this time start up amps taper off to what is listed above

Surge however, doesn’t only last for a fraction of a second… so their ratings don’t apply !

It is possible to get single-phase soft-starters too. :+1: I’ve got one on order from Amazon (Ortis Power Tools unit) to reduce the start-up surge from our 120 volt well pump. There were no reviews of this device (other Ortis devices get good reviews), so I’m taking a bit of a chance.

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