Ac200max and transfer switch in UK anyone done it?


Great forum and I am finding it very useful. I have recently purchased ac200max with 1000w of solar. I have a cabin down the bottom of my garden that I want to run as much as possible off the solar and the battery.

I have looked into transfer switches and am trying to avoid the no name Chinese ones. I have seen this

Has anyone done anything similar or an auto transfer switch?

I have a secondary consumer unit in the cabin fed from the house with 1 lighting and 2 socket circuits on. I have some high power home cinema gear that I may need to switch over to mains power to use but looking for 95% of the time the solar and bluetti to power the rest.

Seems to be lots of houses in Canada and USA doing this but I am in the UK so has anyone done it here? Any help would be awesome.


Bump, no one done anything similar?

New here. I’m currently in the process of connecting an AC200max/B230 into a ring circuit in the house via an auto transfer switch. Managed to find one that is CE certified and seems to be operating ok.

I have a timer switch that sends power to the Bluetti for overnight charging with off peak elec, and a timer switch that turns off the output from the Bluetti to the ring. When this happens the auto switch connects the ring back to the grid.

Saves me about 3.5kwh each day. Solar in the garden next!

Any help? Did you get sorted?


Could you send me a link to the one you used. I did look at auto ones but couldn’t find one that looked safe (mostly dodgy Chinese brands).

I did fit the one I linked to. Just means I have to manually switch it as required but as solar increases feb onwards hopefully I would like the auto option.


It is a Chinese one but they provided a CE certificate.

Thanks I’ll have a look into that.