AC200MAX and solar

I recently received my AC200MAX and plugged it into the solar panels on my roof. No power. I plugged it into the panel that came with it and it works. I plugged the roof panels back into my old power generator and they work. What am I doing wrong, so I can plug my Bluetti into my roof panels?

Sounds like you are outside the pv input parameters - check page 11 of the AC200 Max manual for parameters.

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Hi @Brooke2

What the voltage of you roof Panels? Check if they are above the voltage the AC200Max need to start charging

Maybe its just too low input for the AC200Max.



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Incorrect polarity of the roof wiring for the AC200 Max? Are there any error codes listed and what if anything is being displayed on the display screen as far as input?

Make sure you have your acmax set to PV in the settings. Try a volt meter if it still doesn’t work. The unit accepts 10-145 Volts.