AC200Max and solar panels

I want to get solar panels for my 200Max. On the PV200 page it says:
“BLUETTI AC200MAX (2,048Wh) + 4*PV200: Charge in as soon as 3 hours”
Does that mean I need to buy four PV200s or does that refer to the fact that the PV200 has four sections that unfold (per the photos).

@ATFTB It means that four PV200 in series (26.1*4=104.4V) charge the AC200MAX, which can be fully charged in as little as 3 hours under ideal conditions.
The solar panels all need to be fully expanded when working.

These are 285 watt panels/34 volts. I only have three wired in series and ran into my AC200Max. I have everything in the living room, pa system, stereo, a/c, tv, router, computer all wired and connected to the panels. I’m facing SE. three of these panels run everything all day and by evening I still have about 65% full generator. In the morning, I turn all the AC circuits back on and by 11 am…it’s almost at 90% and by noon it’s full. After that I still need to pick up another battery for the excess created during the day I’m not using. I’ve knocked my electric bill down by 48% a month. Out of 855 watts…I have seen it produce at most 703 watts. but, that’s still more than enough to keep it charged all day long.