AC200Max and B230 2 yr warranty extension offer by Bluetti

So September 27th I received an email from Bluetti saying that they were offering an additional 2 yr warranty extension for both the AC200Max and the B230 battery that I have purchased.
I had to click a link in each email and fill out a short form which included the Order number for each of the products along with the purchase dates.
I did all that, and now 9 days later I’m still waiting for the response of acceptance that Bluetti indicated they would send, when the extension decision was made.

Anyone else receive these notices and go through the process? Have you received your reply?
I’m curious … I’m holding out on ordering a second B230 until I see some results.

Thank you!

Hi @DLJ ,
Please don’t worry, this is indeed the process of an extended warranty campaign we are running. The support department will reply to confirm it one by one. Please kindly wait for a little longer.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!

I did not receive that email about the extension. What should I do? Thanks

Hi @shawnnn99 , Did you also purchase the AC200MAX? If yes, did you fill out the information and submit it? If so, and you haven’t received the extended warranty confirmation email, please let me know your email address via private message and I will have support check it out.

I purchased the AC200 Max and 2 b230 batteries. I would like the paperwork to apply for an additional 2 years warranty.

Thanks James Hansen

48548 Gibraltar St, Indio, CA 92201

Hi @shawnnn99 , Thanks for your info.
Did you purchase your AC200MAX+B230 from BLUETTI website? If so, it is an automatic extended warranty. No need to worry, you can contact the support department directly for after-sales quality issues during the extended warranty period.

Thanks again for your time!

Thank you, and yes I have now received the confirmation email from Bluetti, and my extended warranty for my AC200Max and B230 have been accepted.

Thanks again Bluetti!!

Yes I did. Thanks Have a nice day. James

Submitted mine on 27 Sept and received confirmation email that they received, but nothing more as of today

I filled the form for extended warranty on 26.10.2022, but didn’t receive any confirmation mail.
@BLUETTI : How can I send you a private message with additional info, I didn’t find any button in this forum for it?

Hi BLUETTI backers, Please don’t worry, this is an automatic extended warranty, and you don’t need to pay attention to whether or not you receive a specific confirmation letter back.
Here is the response from order support.

Dear customer,
Your application for another 2 years of warranty for your device is now officially in effect, enjoy your power and contact us if you’ve got any further needs.

Best regards,

Hi Bluetti Admin - as my last post in this thread, I submitted on 27 Sept, but did not receive the email response you mention. Thanks