AC200MAX Advanced Settings/Options

I’m considering purchasing the the AC200MAX but need more info on the advanced settings options available on the AC200MAX that are NOT available on my currently owned model AC200P.

I Dl’d & read the manuals for the AC200MAX and B230 Battery and searched the Bluettti website for details on the Bluetti APP, and even watched several youtube videos on how to operate the AC200MAX, but none of those info sources detailed exactly what can be controlled or programmed and ALL the options available.

For example, I’m looking to control the MAX CHARGE PERCENTAGE of the AC200MAX, so that it only charges via solar panels to 80% instead of 100%. Can this be setup from the AC200MAX front panel touchscreen or only via the Bluetti App or is that not an option?

I have many other questions about the various settings/options NOT COVERED in the AC200MAX user manual. So much is not covered in the Bluetti user manuals and the Bluetti instructional videos are almost useless due to no talking or verbal explanations, so I am spending hours and hours watching countless youtube videos made by the customers in hopes of finding the basic info I’m looking for. Sooo frustrating.

Again, looking for details of all AC200MAX setting & options from both the front panel touch screen and from the Bluetti App.

PS: I’m a happy owner of the AC200P since Aug 2021, and hoping to upgrade to the AC200MAX due to greater controls available & battery expansion capabilities.


Hello @pete2004 , I’m sorry.
The AC200MAX does not have UPS function and you cannot customize the charging percentage setting. But AC300, EP500/PRO, AC500 models can do.

Are there any other features you’d like to delve into? I can help you ask the relevant engineers.
Thanks for your kind understanding.

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If you already own the 200P you won’t find to 200 max to be much of an upgrade. The max has a better voltage range for accepting solar and a few other minor details, but the units aren’t that much different

Bluetti Admin, thank you for clarifying that the AC200MAX does not have the options I was looking for. That explains why I couldn’t find details in the manuals, videos, etc. :slight_smile: I will look into the AC300 next. --pete–

Doecliff, thanks for the info on the AC200MAX vs the AC200P. I will be looking into the AC300 next. Just wondering, is there a chart somewhere that lists all the major features of the Bluetti line of solar power products versus each model for comparison shopping? --pete–