AC200Max Adding an external earth

Can Bluetti advise if any damage would occur to the AC200Max if an earth connection was made to earth output pin via an earthing stake into the ground?

No damage will occur. In fact, some current models include this option.

Further to my previous question can you Neutral Bond the AC200MAX?
By this I mean connect the Neutral & Earth together as is done in house wiring for safety?

@DJR You can connect the ground wire to the wall socket separately.

Thanks for the earthing confirmation.

Now to the second question.

With both the AC180 & AC200MAX can these have their AC outputs “Bonded Neutral”?

Explaining if you don’t know what I am talking about is connecting the Earth pin of the AC output to the Neutral pin of the AC output, which for safety is how our structures whether domestic or commercial are wired here in Australia.

These units are being used as stand alone, not having their outputs connected to the input of a wired structure so for safety they need to be “Bonded Neutral” if possible.

I am an Electronic Engineer so no problems to do it but just not sure if the Bluetti circuitry will allow this.


seems to me that the earth output pins on the AC200’s are not connected to anything, except to each other.
I didn’t try to connect them to an earthing stick.
However, I bonded one of the “hot” ACOutput Pins to the house’s earth, to make it the Neutral for powering the whole domestic structure. So I used only one of my 4 Bluetti AC outputs to power the house, to not mix something up during a reinstall (still is a mobile unit if needed). All installations still work fine, including the “earth-leakage circuit breakers”. So just bond them together after the Bluetti and before the breakers, not behind the breakers or in the rooms.