AC200Max AC output not showing output power

Hi, I noted that my AC200Max not showing the AC output power, updating the firmware didn’t help. Any tip how to fix it?

Hi @Jujuju

how much you draw from the AC Outlet? I think they only show it when you draw over ~60 Watts of power



I have the same issue: Have to AC appliances, which according to the specs on the units will draw 70-110 W each. Both these values can be confirmed with a somple power-meter in line. The AC200Max will not show any of these two individually or both running at the same time. Both are compressor loads (not resistive power).
I am considering sending the unit in, because not seeing if 30 or 100W are drawn trough AC output is a major drawback from my perspective and does not seem to be right.

@Jujuju If the AC output power is lower than 60W and if the device shows it is getting charged, it is normal that AC200MAX will display “0w”. You can try to load a device with higher power to test.

Thank you guys for replies and support team for clarification. First I noticed it with device claimed to consume 60W on max power. Then tested it with hand mixer and the numbers become alive.
Thus the issue is resolved for now.