AC200Max - 1st time Solar charge - Can't get PV mode on

I have 3 x 250 watt hard panels in series going to my AC200Max for the first time.
I go in settings to switch DC input from “other” to PV, and it won’t switch.
Currently it’s early, not quite 9am. It’s only pulling 66 watts.
All connections are good and solid, but what am I missing on getting the Max to PV mode.
Must that be set prior to connecting the Solar cables to the Max?

Ok, for the record and to inform all the folks new to solar charging these magnificent generators, yes you DO have to switch the DC input mode from “other” to PV → BEFORE you connect your cables to the Max.
I just tried that after typing my initial post, and it worked.


Glad ya were able to get it figured out!