AC200MAX-12V/30A RV CABLE - need more info


I’m using an AC200Max and it’s working perfectly for me. However, I’m trying to get maximum efficiency out of it during the long, dark Scottish winters.

Anything I use of AC is going to incur an extra cost of running the inverter. So I figured when solar energy is scarce in the winter it makes sense to get as much low-drain stuff as possible onto DC. That way I only need to switch on the inverter when I have a higher power appliance to run for a short spell.

So, I’m now wondering what I can run off of DC. The 12c/30A RV port looks interesting. But what can I run from it? I’m in the UK - I’m not sure that we typically have anything suitable. Can I get a DC to AC converter? in which case do I also need a AC200MAX-12V/30A RV CABLE?

Sorry for what is probably a very silly question, but basically I’m thinking is there a way to run my AC fridge via DC?

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You are absolutly right. I am using a aDC to AC converter for less than 120W and sometime 200w AC.

The autonomy of my AC200MAX is really much greater. I am waiting to receive this connector for the DC 30A port I ordered here: 2 Pin Male Aviation Connector 12V 30A Power BLUETTI AC200MAX EP500 RV DC Out | eBay

I will make a return as soon as I receive it. I will just solder the cable delivered with my converter on this connector.
It is not possible to get more than 120w on the DC port cigarette lighter (10A) so the 30A port is necessary.
You must choose your converter according to are needed. I need pure sinus and maximum 300W (AC)

beyond I switch to an AC battery port
You must choose your converter according to your needed.
I need pure sinus and maximum 300W (AC), am using this model (In France)

Hope this help.


Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something similar in the UK

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